Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer So Far

In May I ran the Mud Run with a few ladies from my ward.  It was much better than last year.  I got to know them a little more, plus I wasn't 6 weeks pregnant.

We took out the old, uncared-for trees in the backyard to make room for our new garden.

Then Eliza stood in an ant bed and her feet were attacked.

We went to Grandma & Grandpa Mitchells for some work and some play.

Cade was invited to a birthday party at the skating rink and he surprised me by wanting to go and actually having a really great time!

I got sick of seeing this every time I opened the linen closet.  Here's the result when you try and teach your children to put things back that they get out.
 So I reorganized it.  Much better.
 I bought the baskets at Dollar Tree, printed out some labels and attached them with clothespins.  Everything is rolled instead of folded.  It fits better and the kids can actually do this.

We went to Grandma's Camp!

We did "bleach painting" on our shirts,

made paracord bracelets,

and even had a little dance party.

Eliza was trying her best to keep up with everyone.  She loves to dance.

We ended that week at the lake.

And when we came home, Sophia could suddenly sit up all by herself.  She can also get on her knees and has 2 teeth.  All before 6 months old.  Why is my baby so eager not to be my baby?

The newest update to the house is our tree swing out front.  The one we pictured since the first day we saw that tree.  It's so picturesque and the kids absolutely love it.