Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Tonight for Family Home Evening we went to the pumpkin patch!  It was great - Eliza's first time, Papa got to go with us, and the lighting was AMAZING.  As soon as we picked our pumpkin and we were paying for it, the clouds rolled in and a few raindrops started, so we had impeccably perfect timing.

Hooray for beautiful autumn time!

And, if you were wondering why Cade wasn't wearing his glasses, it's because they are broken.

By someone else.  Yep.  Our first encounter with a bully.  Thankfully Cade wasn't hurt.  The kid was bothering Cade's glasses so he took them off so the boy would leave him alone.  But the kid grabbed his glasses (we're not sure if Cade was still holding them or if he took them out of his hand) and snapped them.
I am so grateful he has a good bus driver who handled the situation, and for Cade's good nature.  When he told me about it he said, "Mom, I think he was a bully" (since we've talked about what a bully is, but never had a run-in with one yet).  He was scared, but he did great.  And that kid is lucky I don't know him.  Arg.
Thankfully Cade has an eye appt. tomorrow so he's getting new glasses.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Look at that crazy hair!  
Eliza is growing up.  Her first tooth popped today.  She's been chewing on anything she can, but she hasn't been cranky AT ALL, so it came as quite a shock for me to feel a sharp little tooth while she chewed on my thumb during Cade's karate class today.  
She's also crawling.  Hands and knees, moving across the floor crawling.  She just started that this weekend.  She's not too fast, but she's efficient.  Of my kids, she's the latest tooth popper, but the earliest crawler.
How has this much time passed already?  Didn't I just have her?  Weren't we just in the hospital?

And another thing.  Who doesn't love little leg warmers on baby legs?  I LOVE these things.  Made 'em out of $2 knee socks from Target. 


Friday, October 1, 2010

Pretty Crafty

I like to think I'm pretty crafty.

I think I take some pretty good pictures.
Sometimes I can even make some pretty cute things.  (Just don't look too closely.)
And, most of all, I think I make some pretty cute people.

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