Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A few weeks ago the kids and I were able to have a last minute trip over to Charleston to visit with family.  My Aunt Nicka has been fighting cancer for the last three years or so, and they recently put her on Hospice care.  The next day they said she probably only had a few days left to live.  Fortunately, that very week was a family reunion so she decided to go and see everyone one last time.  My mom, uncle, aunt and grandparents were on the next flight out and called me to see how far we were from there.  Luckily we were able to drive over and spend a couple of days there visiting and saying goodbye to Aunt Nicka.

My mom with the kids when we got there.

My great-grandad, my grandpa and my Sophia

This was Sophia's first trip to the beach.  She LOVED it. 

My grandpa taking Cade and Ali out in the ocean.  It felt like bathwater it was so warm.

Eliza even got a little nap.  We did have an umbrella over her, but the wind was so strong it actually blew it away.  If you look closely you can see the sand piling up on her face and towel.

The kids and I with Aunt Nicka (my grandpa's sister).  The kids really love her.  We were able to go stay with her last year for a couple days.  

I'm so grateful for my knowledge of the plan of Salvation Heavenly Father has for us.  I know who I am, where I came from and where I'm going after this life.  When I told the kids what was happening to her, they said how much they didn't want her to die and why did Heavenly Father want her back right now?  I said, "Well, I guess she did everything she was sent her to do."  As we said our goodbyes, Cade wanted to ask Aunt Nicka if she did everything she was supposed to.  It touched me.  She said, teary eyed, "I did all I can. Sometimes we do things we wish we didn't, and sometimes we wish we did more, but I guess I've done everything I can do."  I'm grateful for her example of kindness and generosity that she's always shown to me.

The most tender moment for me was watching my great grandad share a moment with her.  She reached up and said, "Daddy, everything I am is because of you."  He said, "That is the highest compliment I could ever receive."  I'm glad I was there to capture that moment.

She ended up going back home to Greensboro, NC to say goodbye to more family and passed away July 17.  It was bittersweet getting to see her and so many others including my mom, grandparents, uncle and aunt.  Thanks to my sweet hubby for sending us over there.  I'll never forget it.