Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Eliza!

My baby is one.  Cade says we can't call her "baby" anymore, but she's still my baby.

She was not sure what we were doing, but she was pretty curious about the cake with fire on it.

It took her a little time to get into the cake, but once everyone else was finished with their dessert, she dug right in.  We did a combined birthday party with her cousin, Samantha who had a birthday the week before.

We opened presents and she just loved her baby.  She's patting its back.  

My mom flew in town for the big occasion and we decided to drive up to North Carolina to visit my great-grandparents who recently moved there from West Virginia.  It's been a few years since we've seen them and wanted to take the opportunity to have a 5-generation picture taken.

Me, Eliza, my mom, my grandpa, my great-grandmother and granddad, and of course Ali and Cade in the front.

They moved to be closer to one of their daughters to help take care of them and for help in taking care of their home.  It was heart-breaking for them to leave their (BEAUTIFUL) home of 44 years, but their new back patio is very similar to their old house.  The kids liked climbing the gate.

We stayed with my aunt Nicka.  I love her house.  It is full of history and fun antique things with a story.  The high chair we used for Eliza was my Uncle Tom's grandfather's chair he used as a baby.  She wasn't positive on the date of it, but guessed it to be from the 1880's.  Wow.

We drove home on Tuesday just in time to open more presents and go out to Fatz for a birthday dinner.  They even gave Eliza a strawberry sundae.  3 scoops of Breyer's ice cream and strawberries... Yummy.

She really wanted it, but turns out the ice cream was just too cold for her liking.  So the rest of us were obligated to help her finish it.

Thanks to everyone for making her day so special!


Jessica on March 25, 2011 at 10:50 AM said...

Happy Birthday, Eliza!!! We can't wait for Penny's big day in a few days. Eliza looks like such a big girl!!

Melissa Clark on March 27, 2011 at 6:39 PM said...

Such a cute post and such a cute blog! Aren't kids a joy? (and a pain but oh well Ha ha) xoxo

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