Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cade's Vacation

As I mentioned before, Cade was able to go to Utah for a week.  Actually more than a week... but he loved it.  As you can see, he had a blast playing in the snow and visiting family.

Not only did he get to play in the snow, but he got to play with his cousin, Spencer, jump on the bed, take hour long bubble baths in a jet-tub, go to a rodeo and a play and watch lots of movies. 

Ali and I kept busy while he was gone... though I don't think I'll let my kids leave me when I'm in so hormonally unbalanced again.  The first two days were really tough and I can't believe how quiet it was here.  It was really nice to have some one-on-one time with Ali, though.  We painted our toes matching pink colors, had "pretty hair" almost all week, went window shopping and most importantly did some serious potty training.  She was doing really well and even got to where the only accidents she was having were because she hasn't quite mastered the poop thing yet.

And then something snapped.  Sunday night she started freaking out when I tried to take her to the bathroom because she was too busy playing and did NOT want to be disturbed or miss out on anything.  Since then, EVERY trip to the bathroom has been an episode of screaming, kicking fits.  Unless Tyler takes her to the bathroom.  Seeing as he's gone for 15 hours a day (except his days off work), that doesn't work out so well.  

The last straw for me was Friday morning.  She was dancing around, holding herself like she needed to go, so I urged her to come with me to the bathroom.  After much screaming, she finally stopped only to look me in the face defiantly and pee her pants.  She is now in a pull-up.  Sometimes she tells me she needs to go and we still try and encourage her to use the potty, but my 32 week pregnant belly can't take the tantrums.  I'll try again more after the baby is born, I think.  Unless anyone has some suggestions...


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