Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cade!

How did we go from this -

To this...

Today my little boy turned 5!  Here he is on his new scooter he got to open this morning.  He was so excited he ran and put on his boots and jacket and gave it a spin.  What a stud.

Where did all the time go?!  I am so glad to have Cade in my life.  He is such a fantastic kid.  He is the best big brother any girl could ask for and does a great job taking care of his sisters.  He is a wonderful helper around the house and with all the animals.  He has the most wild imagination and is so creative and smart.  

We went to Fatz today for lunch then came home for some ice cream and cookies.

Later we went for a walk and I asked Cade what he'd like for dinner.  The sky was the limit.  Cereal... or eggs... or whatever he wanted  ;)  At first he said, "Yeah - I want birthday cereal!  Oh!  Wait!  I have an idea!  Actually I want a sandwich and I want a candle in my sandwich so I can blow it out!"  

So that's just what we had...

He even wanted to wear the hat he got at the library today during story time.  He made us sing to him and everything.


I love you, Cade!  Happy Birthday!


Jay and Sherrie on April 29, 2010 at 10:59 AM said...

Happy Birthday Cade! And Happy Birthday to Tyler and April, as well.

We love you guys!

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