Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy, busy week

Life sure is crazy once you have kids.  That's why it's taken me a while to post about our fun adventures about two weeks ago when my parents came out for Cade's birthday.  So... here we are.

My dad flew out Friday morning and we spent the day just hanging out at home, showing Papa (or "Bobo" as Ali calls him) our little farm.  Cade introduced him to our rabbit, Table Paws Mitchell.  (Her first name is Table because she likes to hide under the table.  When I tried to get Cade to rename her something like "long ears" or "whiskers" he came up with "Paws" but informed me that was her middle name.  He was set on Table.)  Then, we moved on to see the chickens and our second batch of chicks outside.

The entire week was full of fun - making strawberry shortcake (with fresh strawberries from the strawberry patch... mmmm....), hunting for caterpillars, going for ice cream, seeing Monsters vs. Aliens and of course lots of reading books.  My mom flew in that next Friday and we had Cade's party on Saturday at the karate studio.  It was a fun week - thanks Mom and Dad!

strawberry shortcake

catching caterpillars

reading books

going down the slide 

playing with the new chicks

eating suckers


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